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20,000 Tourniquets for Ukraine

Save Ukrainian Lives Now

Russia’s bullets and bombs kill Ukrainians through major bodily trauma. A key way to stop civilians and soldiers from bleeding out is to apply a tourniquet. A high quality tourniquet is a proven, simple, affordable and portable device that can save a Ukrainian life. Thousands are needed in Ukraine’s war zones now. You can help save lives today by supporting 20,000 Tourniquets for Ukraine.

Save Ukrainian Lives Now


One goal: get 20,000 tourniquets as fast as possible to first responders and frontline medics in Ukraine to save Ukrainians lives.

High quality tourniquets save lives by stopping haemorrhaging from bodily trauma caused by bullets, bombs, missiles, shrapnel and mines. According to our network of medics in Ukraine, there is a massive need for tourniquets (which are called хрестики or джгути in Ukrainian). This need grows as Russia escalates its violence in Ukraine.


1. Buy high quality Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) Gen7 in the West. 2. Get them shipped to our site in Lviv. 3. Transport them securely within Ukraine. 4. Distribute them to the medical and military networks that need them most in order to save Ukrainian lives.


20,000 Tourniquets For Ukraine is initiated and underwritten by Pete Shmigel, a Ukrainian Australian social entrepreneur, and Adrian Dmytrenko, a Ukrainian American businessman.

“We have one goal: to save lives by getting 20,000 tourniquets as fast as possible to those who most need them in Ukraine. We bring 60 years of professional and community experience and a brave network in Ukraine to achieving that goal. The accountability lies entirely with us. Help us save lives and support Ukraine.”

You Can Save Ukrainian Lives Now


You can donate to achieving 20,000 tourniquets for Ukraine. Your support will go to procure, ship and distribute tourniquets.

Buy Direct

This option is not currently available. We’re always exploring new opportunities for the procurement of high quality tourniquets at competitive prices. Your suggestions are always appreciated!

Hold Event

You can hold an Info Nite and fundraiser at your home or in your community. By Zoom, we will provide a representative to discuss our initiative (including members of our Ukrainian network).


April 2022: Need for tourniquets in war zones in Ukraine identified by combat medics; 20,000 Tourniquets for Ukraine initiated to complement other medical aid efforts.

May – June 2022: Procurement and distribution of our 1st and 2nd shipments of CAT Gen7 to combat medics and first responders in Ukraine.

July – October 2022: Procurement and distribution of our 3rd and 4th shipments of CAT Gen7 to combat medics and first responders in Ukraine. Please visit the Financials and Beneficiaries pages on our site for details.

November 2022 – February 2023: Procurement and distribution of our 5th shipment of CAT Gen7.

Contact Us

Emails: peter.shmigel@me or

Mobiles: +61 419 541 531 (Pete – Australia) or +1 845 820 1269 (Adrian – USA)